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177 N. Highland St Apt 4214 Memphis, Tn 38111

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In 2004 Steve retired from a 40 year working career in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development. Since that time, he has enjoyed volunteer work with The Salvation Army and The Baddour Center, traveling, golf, fishing, and trying to hone his artistic skills from younger years. His top life priorities have always been to “personally make a difference”, “push the boundaries of convention”, “consistently break 100”, and simply to “enjoy life”.
 Steve’s interest in Art began in elementary school, copying cartoons from newspapers.  Steve majored in Art at Beloit College in the late 50s/early 60s, but learned little due to the prevailing “do your own thing” teaching philosophy of that time, the demands of other classes, and a slight preoccupation with college social life.
 Since 2007, Steve has studied acrylic painting with Marilyn Wannamaker and Judy Nocifora at the Botanic Gardens.  His style is impressionistic, influenced by the 19th century masters and by many contemporary painters.  Landscapes are his favorite subject, but his interests are wide-ranging.  His goal is to entice the viewer to imagine being in the scene, to feel its majesty, its serenity, its contrast, its energy, etc.  Most of all he hopes the painter and the viewer will feel better for the experience. 

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