MGAL Member Profile & Website Tutorial

This website has a members directory linking to individual member profiles and forums. I have already made profiles for you, with your name, email addresses, and representative works image that was in the members page of the old website.

You can login to your profile with your first name, a space, and last name (Example:
Chelle Ellis)
, with the first letter being capitalized in your first and last name.

If you are unsure how I have you listed, you can find yourself using the “Search
Members” feature in the members directory of the website

  • Login Page:
  • User Name: Your name as described above
  • Password: Previously sent to you in email

After you have logged in, click any of the three icons to the left of your profile image to go to you profile pageshowing any activity you might be engaged in, along with all the sub navigation links for your member account.

The first two things you will want to do is change your password (found within the “Settings” tab of your sub navigation), complete your profile and if you like, upload a new profile image (found within the “Profile” tab of your sub navigation).

I have already provided you with a “Cover Image”, so you don’t have to change that.

Your Profile Page
Changing Your Password

From your profile page, you can click on the “Settings” tab to the far left where you can change your password, by clicking “Generate Password”, then either accept the generated password and save it somewhere so you will have it later, or type in one that you prefer to use, then click the “Save Changes” button

Changing Your Profile

From your profile page, you can click on the “Profile” tab and follow the links beneath to:

  • View: View your profile information
  • Edit: Edit your profile information
  • Add/Change Profile Photo: Add or change a profile photo
Creating Your Gallery

You can upload image files of your works to an online searchable gallery. From your
profile page, click on the “Gallery” tab and follow links beneath to:

  • My Gallery: View your gallery, previously made
  • Create a Gallery: Create a gallery to assign the type of work, then upload
    photos of that work to your profile and into the searchable galleries of the
  • Photo: Add photos of your work into your gallery and main galleries in image
    formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .tiff
Check Notifications, Messages, Friend Requests, Forums & Settings

From your profile page, you can also see social activity or responses to your social activity, including:

  • Notifications: Notifications when someone has sent a friend request, message
    or responded to a Forum topic you are engaged in.
  • Messages: Your inbox for Private Messages (private, like email) or Public
    Messages (public, like Twitter), that you have received or sent.
  • Friends: Members you have friend request activity with: sent or received, and
    need approval.
  • Forums: Art Discussions in different topics that you can create or respond to,
    and all the activity relating to those forum posts.
  • Settings: Where you can change your settings for email and password
    information, and section visibility of your profile.
How To Use Forums

From the top portion of any page on the website, you will see the linkForums“, click it or go directly to:

Forums are an area where users can post questions and answers to each other or simply engage in fun, online social activity. Remember to always be polite in your social activity in the forums, and avoid divisive subject matter so everyone will be sure to have a great experience on and be engaged in art education.

Don’t be shy, please have fun, and don’t worry: you can’t break anything.

If you have any problems, suggestions, opinions, or questions in general, send me a message. You can do this from the “Messages > Compose” tabs in your profile page,
from the website questions section of the forums, by email at or text at (901) 270-8409.

Chelle Ellis
Jaded Artist Internet & Print Media
Text: (901) 270-8409

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