Star Artists Program


2021 - 2022


August 22, 2021
November, 2021
February, 2022
May, 2022

2:00–4:00 p.m.


Online: August 1 – 31, 2021
WKNO Gallery 1091

Physical: August 1 – 31, 2021
Goodwyn Gallery
Benjamin Hooks Central Library
3030 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111

March 1 – 31, 2022

Memphis Botanic Garden
750 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38117

Nov. 1 – November 29, 2021
St. George’s Episcopal
Church Gallery
2425 S. Germantown Road
Germantown, TN 38138

June 16 – August 8, 2022

Playhouse on the Square
66 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104


The following exhibition rules generally apply to all MGAL shows. Any exceptions to these rules that may be granted by the MGAL Board of Directors will be published in the show prospectus.

      1. Entry forms and other required paperwork must be received by the Exhibition Chair no later than the deadline established in the
        Show prospectus. All fees are non-refundable.
      2. Artwork entries must be the artist’s own original concept and execution. Classroom work, copies of paintings, and copies of published photographs will not be accepted. Work for all shows must have been completed in the two years prior to the exhibition to which it is submitted.
      3. Artwork previously exhibited in the Winter Juried Exhibition, Star Artist Juried Exhibition and Spring Juried Exhibition may not be entered into any other MGAL exhibition with the exception of the MGAL National Exhibition.
      4. Each piece submitted for a show must have two 3 x 5-inch index cards attached separately to the back, listing the artist’s name, address, phone number, title of work, media, dimensions, and either price or NFS (if permitted on the prospectus) if not for sale.
      5. Size limitations and restrictions on subject matter may also apply. Check the prospectus and/or MGAL Newsletter for details.
      6. All work must be dry and properly prepared for exhibition. No glass except for pastels unless approved by the Exhibition Chair. Frames MUST HAVE wires and screw eyes for hanging. Gallery wrap with finished sides is acceptable.
      7. The acceptance of work in any show is conditional on availability of exhibit space, suitability of work, and compliance with rules established for the show. In juried shows, the appointed juror also selects the works that are to be accepted for the show on the basis of the juror’s own artistic criteria.
      8. The judge or juror for an MGAL show shall be approved by the Exhibition Chairperson and the Board of Directors. The person chosen must not be a member of the Memphis/Germantown Art League.
      9. The artist must agree to deliver and pick up his or her work during the stated time frame. No work shall be removed before the release date of the show. All work must remain in place until the end of each show, and then it must be promptly signed for and picked up during the release time period.
      10. Diptychs/triptychs must be in one frame or attached together to be hung as one piece to be considered one entry.

Artist Eligibility Requirements:

Active Membership
With the exception of the National Juried Exhibition, only “Active” members of MGAL in good standing who meet the criteria outlined in these rules are eligible to exhibit in MGAL shows. Only those classified as Star Artists are eligible to enter the Star Artist Shows. Entry into the National Show is open to all U.S. artists age 18 or older, whether MGAL members or not.

Current Dues
To be in good standing, a member must have paid his or her dues for the current MGAL fiscal year (and late fees if applicable) prior to the entry deadline specified in the show prospectus. Renewing membership dues should be paid by June 1 of each fiscal year. After July 15, renewing members must pay a late fee of $10 in addition to the $30 dues. Late fees are not charged to new members.

Service Points
To qualify for the Spring Exhibition, a member must also have earned a Service Point during the current MGAL fiscal year, June 1-May 31. The MGAL Service Point system was established to ensure that more members help with the workload of the League. Members should contact the officers and committee chairpersons for opportunities to earn a Service Point. A Service Point is not necessary for entering the other MGAL shows.


Gary Gibson, Star Artist Coordinator 2686 Meadow Hill Cove, Germantown, TN 38138-6148, 901 268 5485
Re: MGAL Star Artists Points

Each MGAL member is responsible to provide information to the coordinator on Star Artist Points earned for designation as an MGAL Silver, Gold, or Platinum Artist status. Points are earned from the most recent date an individual joins MGAL and maintains continuous membership. If membership lapses and the individual re-joins within three years, previously accrued points may be reinstated and eligible points earned may be credited by paying dues for lapsed years.

The Coordinator will maintain a record of points earned from the information provided by each member. When enough points are earned to qualify for a Star Artist designation, MGAL’s Board of Directors will be notified so that a Star Artist Award Certificate may be presented.

Information which must be provided to the Coordinator:
Name, type, location, and date of exhibit
Name of piece(s) accepted
Name of piece(s) awarded and name(s) of award(s)

Type of Juried Exhibition

MGAL Juried Exhibitions

State wide and Regional juried exhibitions
(A regional show is defined as covering an area not less than 1 state.)

National or International

Pieces accepted into a Juried exhibition

1 point per piece accepted

1 point for being accepted
(No additional points for multiple pieces accepted)

3 points per piece accepted

Awards earned in a Juried exhibition

1 point per award

No points for awards


5 points per award

Solo Exhibitions
1 point where a selection committee reviews work (by slide, photo, or actual work). The exhibition must consist of at least twenty pieces.

Peoples Choice Awards and Purchase Awards not selected by a judge do not earn a point.
No points are earned for awards in the Amateur, Student, or Senior Citizen divisions of any exhibition.
Types of exhibitions other than those listed above do not qualify for MGAL Star Artist points.


Silver Star:
Gold Star:
Platinum Star:

5 – 24 Points
25 – 49 Points
50+ Points