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I started out as an Scientist but ended up as an artist. As I a Scientist, I specialized in Scientific Imaging which involves high resolution imaging of molecules, bacteria and viruses using microscopes and microprocessors. After retiring in 2008, I learned to paint in watercolor and acrylic. I immensely enjoy painting and love the artist community.


I worked as a a Scientist at St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital and as an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee Medical school for over 33 years. As a Scientist, I worked with sophisticated imaging technology using lasers, microprocessors, and microscopes to study the architecture of molecules, viruses, bacteria, cells and tissues. I produced a number of powerful images which are used in  Medical and Biology text books, displayed in visual media and garnered National and International awards including the prestigious Nikon International Small World Competitions.

When I retired in 2008, I wanted to add another dimension to my scientific vision by becoming an artist. I learned watercolor painting from the renowned Tennessee watercolor artist, Mr. Fred Rawlinson. I paint mainly in watercolor but I am comfortable with acrylic painting and  charcoal drawing. My paintings lack a distinct style but contain beautiful and diverse subjects and light and dark effects. I am a prolific painter and so far, I painted about 400 paintings in different media.

Since 2011, I entered 50+ local and National juried art shows, and received a dozen awards including the “Best of Show” award in 2017. The Memphis Germantown Art League (MGAL) elected me as their President (2012-2014) and honored me with their highly selective Spectrum award for creative enthusiasm. I achieved Platinum Star artist status in MGAL. My paintings are in private collections and are also displayed in area banks and hospitals. I have held solo shows at Tennessee Art Commission (Nashville), Memphis Botanic Garden, CBU Ross Gallery, WKNO (PBS) studio etc.


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