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I’m in love with the rich colors and motions of florals, striving constantly to catch those moments in time where their beauty lifts one’s soul. Happiness is such a fleeting emotion for too many of us. I always hope that my art will add a little bit more of a smile to someone’s day, perhaps meet them in a place where they thought no one could reach, and say hello. To me, art is an expression of divine love that I am so very lucky to have a small hand in!

My favorite medium is acrylic paints, and I have studied many hours long distance to learn many of the techniques that I employ, but I am mostly self-taught, over the course of decades of occasional painting. We are “empty-nesters” now, and I have more time to paint, and a studio set up, so I hope there will be much more self-teaching going on! I also enjoy water color, paint pens, pastels, and other multi-media techniques. Thank you for taking the time to read about me. 🙂


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