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For me, paintings begin when I see something and think, “Wow! I’d like to capture that in a painting.”   My goal is to interpret and present “Wows!” of natural or cultural worlds without being too literal.  I focus on the essence, irony, contradiction or odd linkage found in the world around me.  I compete in regional, state and local competitions.  My work has appeared on the cover of JAVMA, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
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  My life was spent mostly in rural areas from Twinsburg, OH to Aripeka, FL to Shelby Forest, TN.  My professional life evolved from elementary school teacher, to teacher educator, to educational anthropologist.  Along with teaching, observing and analyzing cultural groups particularly related to schools is what I did.   
         I always dabbled in art from painting to yard art to quilt-making.  In 2000, upon retiring from The University of Memphis, I began studying watercolor because of its unique color properties and control challenges.  I studied with the master watercolorists at the Springmaid Beach Water Media Workshops in Myrtle Beach, SC and at Fran Larsen‘s Santa Fe, NM studio.  For the past 5+ years I have studied with Memphis master watercolorist, Fred Rawlinson, at his Atelier and have begun painting more landscapes.   


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