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MGAL Star Artist

I am an MGAL Star Artist




I own Jaded Artist Internet & Print Media and am currently the administrator for this website.


I am a commercial artist with over twenty five years of experience in branding, web design and development, and design and layout in publishing.  I started building websites in the dawn of the dot-com boom, designing them in Photoshop and writing the code in Notepad, in the mid-1990’s. Aside from running my own web design firm for over a decade, I worked on in-house and client websites and branding for two major newspapers, a magazine and a major United States defense contractor.

I am also a painter, printmaker, clay & metal sculptor, working in North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. I create monoprints and mixed media paintings, with found objects, paper, clay or metal sculptures added into the work. I paint primarily in acrylic on handmade paper, canvas and wood, focusing on simplified, repeated shapes. I’m also a small metalsmith, so at times I make jewelry.

Ocasionally, I work as an art instructor, as time and energy allow. I have taught or assisted in teaching classes in printmaking, mixed media painting and metalsmithing.  You can find all my visual art work and information at

Hobbies and Interests


Curating, Painting, Printmaking, Metalsmithing, Web Design/Development, Gardening, Home Renovation/Historical Restoration, Genealogy

Favorite Music Bands / Artists

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Queen, The Who… basically any old Brit rock band;  Prince, Amy Winehouse, Muse, Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews Band, Beach Boys, Earth Wind & Fire, Al Green, Tina Turner, Nina Simone, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Paris Combo, Tin Hat/Tin Hat Trio, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett.. Okay Elvis.. especially if I can be looking at him while he’s singing.  😍

Favorite TV Shows

History Lectures on The Great Courses Plus, Star Trek (Original Series), The Walking Dead, Great British Baking Show, Space Force, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Homicide Hunter

Favorite Books

Anything History, especially European medieval period.  Currently reading through several books in my free time of Dan Jones (The PlantagenetsWars of the RosesMagna Carta) and Terry Jones (BarbariansMedieval Lives).  I am a genealogy nerd and a direct descendant of Charlemagne and William the Conqueror (to name a few), so I love learning all I can about what my family was up to in Europe from the 8th-18th centuries.  Two thirds of the way through Hitchcock by Francois Truffaut right now, which is an excellent read if you are a cinephile.  Alfred Hitchcock started out as a graphic artist during the silent movie era and that speaks to me.  I am particularly fond of his attention to framing and use of color, and in this book he explains in-depth questions of his process for each of his well-known films.  I go through spurts of reading Stephen King, like everyone else in the world (especially The Dark Tower series), and plan to finish the Dune series before I die, but prefer non-fiction for the most part.

Favorite Movies

Anything Guillermo del Toro, Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis, or Star Trek; Most things Kubrick, Lynch, Tarantino, Coen Brothers, camp or film noir in general; The Wizard of Oz, The Triplets of Belleville, Dune (David Lynch version.. no one else likes it, but the colors are amazing and watching it usually opens a creative vein for me.. why ask why?), The Shawshank Redemption (favorite movie from my paralegal criminal defense days), As Good As It Gets, weird B movies with terrible acting, kung fu, godzilla/mothra, and spaghetti westerns.

Other Interests

Breadmaking, Baking, Cooking, Orchids, Insects

Education and Employment

Education History

NWCC / Belhaven College

Period of Time



Less than 20 Hours away from BA in History

AAS in Paralegal Studies, Honors in Civil Litigation

CE in Web Dev: HTML, dHTML, javascript, Flash, GoLive, Dreamweaver, WSFTP, ColdFusion, Bootstrap, cPanel, Joomla, WordPress, Elementor; Linux, Visual Studio with MAMP, LAMP Development Stack, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Composer; Java (Intranet)

CE in Art: Printmaking, Metalsmithing, Painting (Acrylic, Mixed Media, Abstract, Portrait); Clay (Pottery, PMC, Raku, Sculpture); Glass (Dichroic, Fusion, Blowing); Computer (Quark, InDesign, GIMP, Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, SVG-Edit, Inkscape)

Employment History

Artist / Web Designer / Developer / Graphic Artist / Writer / Paralegal

Period of Time



Owner / Web Designer / Developer at Jaded Artist Internet & Print Media (20-Now)

Owner / Blogger at Sadie’s Old House / (17-Now)

Owner / Painter / Printmaker / Sculptor at Moosh Print Studio (07-Now)

Writer / Art Director / Design & Layout / Web Designer / Developer at DeSoto Magazine (03-14)

Owner / Web Designer / Developer at Web Brats Web Design (Business Closed) (97-07)

Web Designer / Developer in New Media at The Commercial Appeal (00-01)

Graphic Artist / Java Developer in Information Systems at Raytheon Aerospace (99-00)

Web Designer / Developer in Creative at The Free Lance-Star / StarWeb (98-99)

LA Asbestos Litigation Paralegal at Forman, Perry, Watkins, Krutz & Tardy, PLLC (96-98)

MS Breast Implant Litigation Paralegal for Paul Benton, Attorney at Law (95-96)

MS Criminal Defense and Divorce Paralegal for Joe Fernald, Attorney at Law (94-95)

MS Criminal Defense and Divorce Paralegal for David Walker, Attorney at Law (Deceased) (91-94)

Humor Columnist (“Keeping Up With the Joneses“) for The Panolian (89-94)

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All movement is to invisible music, although only a few people hear it. It comes from the sun and the wind and the movement of water and a running rabbit and a crowing cock, and together it is like a part of a great symphony. The longer we listen and the quieter we are, the more we hear of it, and when we do, we are part of the music, instead of an unwelcomed interruption.

Walter Inglis Anderson


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