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Vibrant color and geometric shapes fascinate and exhilarate me!  What it is in life I see, and what I wish to convey through my art, seems always to come down to the abstracted shapes before me.  I use bold color and line making along with my shapes to bring forth the personality and emotion of each piece, therefore revealing my own story.


I am a watercolor artist ever mindful to “let the picture paint itself.”

My initial watercolor work was primarily expressive realism with a twist of whimsy.  In recent years my work has evolved into a more contemporary style of vibrant geometric abstracts.  I have no set formula for how I work.  Usually, I start by drawing a few shapes on paper and then “let the picture paint itself.”  Geometric shapes, vibrant color, line and mark making are elements lending themselves well to the result I wish to convey.  Like piecing together a puzzle, I develop shape, color, and line to ultimately bring me to a point where my eye tells me to stop;  no more is needed.  My goal is to create in the viewer a feeling of delight and connection with my art, along with a sense of curiosity as to how my puzzle of shape, color, and line fit together.


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