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219-916-0419 or land line 901-425-3968

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I am a conservative, wanting to be a liberal.
I am a perfectionist, trying to be loose and free.
I define with crisp lines, but I want to blur.
I am a realist when I want to be quirky.
I envision in my head, then portray it onto a canvas.
I want to paint freely from the visions in my head.

I show my paintings as a reflection of who I am now, where I want to be, and what I am becoming.  This is just the beginning for me.
The journey, that is my art, promises to be filled with more of my struggles, some conquering ,and some new quirks.  I am never the same.  I am an adventurer, a creator.  I am curious.

I have created all different themes in my art.
They are all different, yet they are the same.

They are a part of me, that I give to you to enjoy.

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