• Dawn Fetty started the topic How to edit the Gallery in the forum Website Questions 7 months ago

    I apologize for I have a big learning curve here. I am trying to set up a gallery and in the process I’ve made many mistakes and I am trying to undo them. On the sheet I printed out you have the section of “Creating Your Gallery”, but am having a time editing. How do I get to editing on “Gallery and create Gallery?
    I have a title on the one gallery I need to change. I greatly appreciate any help..thank you.. PS, I did not have a Gallery previously made as stated, so am behind the curve here..

    • Hi Dawn
      If you need help navigating the Webpage please contact Chelle Ellis, the Web Administrator for help, if you haven’t already done so.. Her email address is
      or you can message her through the Members section of the Webpage. If that doesn’t work let me know and I will get you with Chelle. We are all kind of working our way through the new Webpage. I am hopeful that ultimately the Page will be a great way to showcase our members art. Thanks for creating your Galleries, your work looks great.

      • thank you! Chelle did send some information to work with….I always appreciate the support…A lot of trial and error…lol