1. is free of charge to client until expiration in June 2021.  Client can renew that domain with me at $25 per year by May 31, 2021, if desired.
2. is registered until March 3, 2025, and in no immediate risk of expiration.  Client can renew that domain with me at $25 per year by February 28, 2025, if desired.

  • Updated:  Before October 1, 2020, client should renew domain with me at $25 per year.  This transfers the domain to the new server space and registrars (, thereby keeping it from getting lost on a Wix account no one checks, and risking expiration.  Doing so will add another year to the domain registration, extending it to expire March 3, 2026.
  • Discuss with client, moving domain to godaddy space so I can forward the old domain to the new website.  It will take up to ten days for the domain to transfer, but once it is on the same host as the new website, changes can be made and happen immediately.
  • Sent invoice 07/28/2020, with a detail of future charges explaining all this.

3.  It is recommended that client keep both domains and, pointing to the main webspace, as they are the most logical domains for visitors to seek the website (in keeping with the original .org format); and it will keep someone else from obtaining either domain.

1.  Previous website is hosted on Wix with no SSL, pointing to domain  New website is developed on a shared server/Linux hosting with cPanel through WordPress/Elementor, with a 4-year SSL, pointing to domain and ( will be pointed to same at completion of website).
2.  There is no charge for the hosting of current web space until October 1, 2020.

  • Updated:  07/20/20:  In a phone call on 07/19/20 Bob McCabe reported that the website was sluggish.  I checked Metrics after 2am when traffic should be stable and found that godaddy had limited the account yesterday after being flagged for using more than 25% of the shared server space.  I upgraded/paid/migrated the website onto a shared server for Business Launch hosting, for more complex sites (1 Virtually Allocated CPU Core, 2GB RAM, 60GB Storage, SSL Certificate).  This bumps client into $29.99 hosting per month and hopefully that will provide enough resources for the traffic.  There is an expectation that bandwidth/traffic will be higher during initial set up as users are uploading gallery images, and I am hoping after everyone is registered and settled, this package will sustain, to keep client at least a little below what they were paying before to Wix.
  • Sent invoice 07/28/2020, with a detail of future charges explaining all this.


1.  Previous website ( is hosted on Wix and has no SSL.  I have secured a 4 year SSL for client pointing to domain and at no charge to client.

2.  Website had to be migrated into GoDaddy’s Business Launch hosting plan to handle the traffic and bandwidth.  As such, client received a free SSL with the Business Launch hosting package from GoDaddy, and has a second standard SSL certificate now.

3.  08/01/20:  Submitted a ticket to reissue the 4 year SSL I bought before client was moved into Business Launch hosting package which comes with a free SSL.  Hoping it can be reissued for domain, since it’s already paid for.


1.  Does client want a phone number, main email address and/or hours of operation on the header of the website?  Please advise.

  • Remove phone number and hours of operation but keep email.  Currently, there is a dummy email address of  Carol Roark will find out an email address and get me that information.
  • 07/17/20:  Instead of having a dead email link that goes nowhere, I added the PayPal email address of;  Confirm this address with client.
  • Recommendation:  Once I have the domain on godaddy servers where I can control it properly, set up an email forwarder named and assign the email address, of the person who answers general email questions, so it auto-forwards to their inbox.
  • 07/25/20:  I had to set up an email address to set up member profiles through admin.  Since I still don’t have an official email address to add to the top of the header, I put this one up on the website, and will distribute any emails that may be received there, until such time as I am directed with an official catch-all email address.
  • 07/26/20:  I made an email forwarder for the general catch-all email address of the site to keep everything cohesive:  This email address forwards to until such time as I am directed to forward somewhere else or replace with another email address.



1.  Does client want to keep the extra link section? (see links with palette shapes)  These links are clearly in the top navigation and this section is redundant.

  • Keep the section for now and remove at a later date when members are used to the website navigation.  Reduced section to two main older sections to reduce confusion/aid in learning.
  • 07/18/20:  “Members” and “Featured Member” in this redundant link section is confusing/not user friendly.  However, there needs to be a “Featured Member” link within redundant links, to not crowd the upper navigation, keep it user friendly, and continue the method of keeping the “Featured Member” section one requiring minimal maintenance.  (Solution:  it is a tab within “Members” that requires no extra coding, merely clicking a “featured member” button)  Therefore, I have changed the redundant links to three, alphabetically:  Exhibitions, Featured Member, News & Deadlines; which also adds balance where four links were crowded and two were sparse. 

2.  Need Instagram entry info to set up the MGAL Instagram feed on website.  Client should set a temporary password and provide info for me to login and give permissions to the website.

  • Done

3.  Does client want to have the newsletter subscription feature on the website?  It can always be added later, if unsure now.  Please advise.

  • Leave for now as a litmus to see if it would be used/desired.  
  • 07/25/20:  Recommendation:  Remove it, all members are “subscribed” when their profiles were made, and as they are made.  This would only be beneficial to people wandering in, yet seems like a recipe for confusion.  I am going to remove it now, because the bulk of the members will be hitting the site on Monday, 07/27 2020, and I don’t want them immediately confused.  If client wants it back on the main page, I’ll replace later.

4.  Login/Register Box:  Bob McCabe requested the login box on the home page be made smaller in a 07/20/2020 text, so I reduced the width on 07/21/2020.


1.  Once I know the categories to set up for a universal image search, and answers to other questions set forth, members can start completing their searchable profiles in the member galleries section.  After that point, and when officers create their member profiles, all officer links will connect directly to their individual profile in the member galleries section (with as little or as much information as client wishes available (see B., IV., 2.).

  • Make images searchable in the following genre categories:  landscape, animals, portraiture/figure, abstract, floral, mixed media/3D – DONE (Added a “miscellaneous” category so if there is a future issue where works are uploaded into the incorrect category, hopefully, they will land here and make it easier for correction.)

2.  The content is uniform and consistently matches the website, with links that connect to officer/member profiles.  Adding images to each name here doesn’t do much besides create a more in depth maintenance need as officers change.  But doable, if client desires, please advise.

  • Keep with links only that will connect to officer/member pages after creation by officers/members.
  • 07/27/20:  Links to officer pages with profiles are complete.
  • 07/27/20:  Linked contributor names to their websites.


1.  Right now I have a profile set up as website administrator in case users need to contact me with problems.  At site completion this role can be transferred to another member or I can stay, depending on the direction MGAL wants to go with website updates/maintenance.

2.  “Featured Member” is now a tab in “Members”, which will avoid confusion with too many navigational options and solves a content update issue.

3.  07/14/20:  Birth year issue resolved in profiles, Bob McCabe and Carol Roark have created successful profiles and I emailed Carolyn Moss for member roster with email addresses to start flights of registration.  Plan to get the officers set up first, dealing with them individually, so their profiles are all in place before registering/notifying the rest of the members.  Working on an email with directions for bulk member registration (which I suggest should be done in flights of 20, alphabetically, to keep questions/support from getting out of hand), and allow members to mill around and learn at a semi-novice pace.

4.  07/15/20:  Carolyn says that she was delaying sending the roster, as there are member renewals in progress and she expects a half dozen or so to renew that haven’t yet.  I told her that it would be good for me to start with officers first anyway, and will get that info on the website first; then deal with the members in flights of twenty-ish in case there is a rush of support need, I won’t be overwhelmed.  If the first flight goes fluid, I will do the rest of the flights within a day or two of each other.

5.  07/17/20:  I still don’t have a roster of members or officers but I went ahead and registered the members I have email addresses for (setting in my inbox from MGAL CC) to get the process moving.

  • 07/17/20:  Registered and sent instructions with contact info for support to the following 9 members:  Dodie Bush, Jan Carnall, Kay Coop, Terry Dewitt, Kristine Harrington, Lawayne House, Carolyn Moss, Kuruganti Murti, Steve Nelson.  
  • 07/19/20:  Only two of the nine have activated registration, which after two days, is not a good result.  Recommend members set up their profiles through instruction, and have provided Bob McCabe with a PDF tutorial on the same.
  • 07/20/20:  Kay Coop has completed her activation, bringing the ones unactivated in the test group, down to 6.
  • 07/20/20:  I changed the “Complete Sign Up” code in the registration form to make that button bigger and more obvious.  Will change the screenshot in the Intro/Instrux PDF and send it out to the 6 (or those left unactivated from the 6 by then) 07/21/2020 and be ready to support.
  • 07/21/20:  Sent email with registration tutorial to Dodie Bush, Jan Carnall, Terry Dewitt, Lawayne House, Carolyn Moss, Kuruganti Murti, Steve Nelson and CCed Bob McCabe.
  • 07/22/20:  Bob McCabe forwarded my 07/21/20 email with further instructions, which initiated further activation.  The members still unactivated are:  Jan Carnall, Lawayne House, Carolyn Moss, and Kuruganti Murti
  • 07/24/20:  Received roster from Carolyn Moss 07/23/2020 with instructions to not make profiles for lifetime members in red.  I have made three profiles so far, for Libby Anderson, Daven Anderson and Helen Argo.  On the first profile, I changed the email from my personal email address for set up, to Libby’s email address in roster, on the front end, and it generated an email to her.  I emailed her and CCed Bob McCabe on what I thought was a front-end issue, and proceeded with the other two changing their email addresses from the back-end.  I have two emails in my personal email from the email change from the back end, exacty as I did on the front end, so I have to assume that these emails were auto generated from the back-end procedure, also to Daven Anderson and Helen Argo.  This auto generated email is unavoidable, as an email address being set up on the server for a profile must have the ability to be notified and contest such set up.  I sent the same email to Daven Anderson and Helen Argo, as I sent to Libby Anderson, then called Bob McCabe and the following plan will be set in motion for subsequent admin profile set up:
  1. I set up a new email address on gmail: to set up profiles, so this will keep members from worrying about an email set up from my personal gmail  Also, since I still don’t have an official email address to add to the top of the header, I put this one up on the website, and will distribute any emails that may be received there, until such time as I am directed with an official catch-all email address.
  2. I am making a list of the email addresses from the roster of members that haven’t already been set up, and will email them (and CC Bob McCabe) prior to their profile set-up, so they will be expecting the server generated email and know to ignore it.
  3. 24 hours after that email has been sent, I will start again to make member profiles on the server.
  • 07/25/20:  I made profiles for all members except for Marty McKee, Frances Sanford, Ann Hylah Warner, who do not have email accounts on the roster and Charles Tigrett, Sr. who is sharing an email address with Barbara Turner Tigrett.  I sent an email to Bob McCabe advising that I could create forwarding email addresses off to have them forward to a catchall email address ( could be used for this, I set it up as an admin email to create profiles) then notify them via phone or text if something comes in for them.
  1. All members that had a photo on the members page of the old website have a photo on their new profiles as well as some that didn’t but had a website, so I fished one out for them.
  2. Will make another tutorial PDF covering everything and email everyone on Monday, 07/27/2020, about how to change passwords, complete profile information, use Forums and galleries.
  • 07/26/20:  I made profiles with email address forwarders from the website for Marty McKee, Frances Sanford, Ann Hylah Warner, and Charles Tigrett, Sr. These members did not have email addresses in the roster, so I had to make them one, for them to have a profile.  All email addresses forward to and if they receive something at this email address I check, I can have them notified via phone or text.
  • 07/26/20:  I have set up a website questions forum in the Forums for questions about the website, that I will answer, to give one more way for support.
  • 07/26/20:  I have emailed the remaining members with directions on how to change their password, update their profiles, and other uses of the website, and attached the same as PDF so they can view larger, if needed.


1.  I have guessed at the sections/topics you want to start with on the discussion board.  You can add or remove as you learn functionality.  Please advise for current.

  • Keep the way it is for now, change as needed.
2.  Changed the name from Discussion to Forums as the member profiles section has a Forums link to that section, which is deeply and multiply coded as such.  Plus, I don’t want everyone to be immediately confused over the word discussion, which means forums.

3.  Does client want forums to be open to public or closed, allowing only members?

  • Not sure yet, they will discuss that in meetings and let me know.  Pros and Cons:  Keeping open allows people to wander in, engage in discussion and potentially generate new memberships, but also allows in the perils of the Internet (trolls, bots, need for moderators of new members and posted content).  Closing limits the content to members only, so no access by non-members to generate new memberships.  Possible solution:  Close, but offer temporary, limited membership, manually generated, to the discussion board, possibly to expire after 90 days without paid membership.
  • Recommendation:  It’s barely getting any traffic as it is, don’t introduce another obstacle.  If/when having open forums creates a problem, address it then.


1.  Need a list of categories from client to set up for universal search of images that are uploaded by members in their member profiles?

  • Make images searchable in the following genre categories:  landscape, animals, portraiture/figure, abstract, floral, mixed media/3D – DONE (Added a “miscellaneous” category so if there is a future issue where works are uploaded into the incorrect category, hopefully, they will land here and make it easier for correction.

2.  07/18/20:  User Images Maxed Out at 10MB – Bob McCabe texted to report that he was not allowed to upload more than two images in his gallery.  Updated defaults in MediaPress:  MediaPress > General > Storage Settings > Per User > 10MB to 500MB then advised of fix in text.

Updated:  07/20/20:  After visiting the Metrics of the server after 2am when traffic should be stable, I noticed that godaddy had throttled as site was using more than 25% of shared server space.  I upgraded/paid/migrated the website onto a shared server for Business Launch hosting for more complex sites. which bumps client into $29.95 hosting per month.  As such, I have reduced the 500MB user allocation to 250MB in an early attempt to keep traffic stable.

3.  07/18/20: .TIF/.TIFF Uploads Allowed – Bob McCabe texted to report that he was having issues uploading an image.  After receiving an email attachment of the image, it was determined to have an extension of .TIFF, which was not previously allowed as an upload format.  As there is no security risk to the server to allow .TIF/.TIFF and server size shouldn’t become an issue (or if it would, we need to know what server space MGAL needs), I added .TIF/.TIFF to the allowed image formats.  Advised of fix in text and that the only image formats that shouldn’t be allowed are .BMP as they pose a security risk to the server.

4.  Bob McCabe and Carol Roark are looking at the categories within galleries to see if there are any that should be added now, as it would be labor intensive to assign new categories later to existing images. – DONE:  Bob McCabe advised in 07/19/20 phone call that these categories, with the inclusion of miscellaneous should be enough.

5.  08/02/20:  In supporting a gallery title change question today, I checked the galleries section and noticed that the categories were not producing results when selected.  After researching, I discovered a conflict for categories with the Nouveau look I assigned (Nouveau changes the profile links to tabs).  There is no fix for this, so I changed the look back to Legacy, which produces no conflict.


1.  I have incorporated all exhibition information from the old website, developing 2019-2020, individually and keeping 2017-2018 in the embedded PDF format.  Looks complete to me, other than training.

  • Noted – this section can continue with the embedded PDF format or I can train a member to update in the more interactive light box platform in Elementor.  TBD later.
  • 07/31/20:  Will update the 2021 Spring Exhibition information within Exhibition and News & Deadlines sections when I get the standard submission form to replicate online.


1.  I have incorporated all event information that I have from the old site (cancellations).  If client has any additional, please advise.  Otherwise, looks complete to me, other than training.

  • Carol has emailed me an outside event to add to the news and deadlines section, and I have advised both Carol and Bob that they can email me any events they want put up until the site is developed and training takes place.


1.  Need PayPal entry info to set up the MGAL PayPal webform function on website.  Client should set a temporary password and provide info for me to login and give permissions to the website.

  • Carol Roark will get that information to me after she learns it herself.
  • 07/14/20:  Bob McCabe advised to get in touch with Kay Coop (or Carolyn Moss) about this, so I sent an email to both, requesting the same.
  • 07/14/20:  Kay Coop advised that Kristy Harrington is the owner of the account, so I sent an email to her, copied to Kay Coop, Carolyn Moss & Bob McCabe, requesting the same.
  • 07/15/20:  Kristine Harrington is the correct officer/member for webform linking and has emailed me and will send that info on 07/16/20

2.  Client please advise what email address should receive submitted webform information.

3.  Changed link from “Join Us” to Join MGAL, so it wouldn’t be clicked thinking it was the login portion of the website, as it’s somewhat vague.

4.  07/17/20:  Successful web form test with PayPal redirect link;

  • HOWEVER:  After joining/renewing/paying, client is redirected to a link off site.  I cannot change this link without client upgrading their PayPal account to a business account.  The method set up is is without a PayPal business account and is still supported by PayPal, but cannot be changed as PayPal deprecated this API method in 2017.  PayPal has grandfathered it in, and it works, just can’t be changed.  See article:
  • Recommendation:  I wouldn’t change it, until/unless PayPal no longer supports it.  Much more business information is required in the set up of a PayPal business account and this one seems to be running through a MGAL member’s personal PayPal account.
  • Discussed with Bob McCabe and Carolyn Moss, that a second membership renewal action will be required to test again as not only did I not have all recipients in place when I joined online, I migrated the server within the same hour.  This test needs to run again with a member who is looking to renew soon.  Coordinate with Carolyn Moss to this end, and if it doesn’t test successfully as is, redirect action to load ecommerce cart, built but disabled.

5.  Set up renew membership product in woocommerce store (unlinked and turned off at this time) with successful test, ready for if/when client desires web store with products.


1.  Added a “Login” link to the navigational header, which follows users all over the website and will help them not get lost in the initial registration process.



1.  Website is being developed for desktop/PC viewing, paying particular attention to results in browsers:  Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Mozilla Firefox.


1.  Website has been formatted for smartphone viewing.  – 07/31/2020

1.  Website has been formatted for tablet viewing. – 07/31/2020